Legislative Corner

RIICA lobbyist, Terry Martiesian, and David Burnham monitored Bills for impacts on RIICA members.

The following Bills were tracked and testimony was presented. If you want to know more about a particular Bill, please go to the following web sites and you can read the Bills on-line:

For Senate & House Bills go to:

For any comments you may have on legislation, you can call David R. Burnham and/or any member of the RIICA Board of Directors.

BILLS OF CONCERN - regarding the Town of Coventry:

  • 2006 - S 2044 will prohibit motor vehicles with a gross weight of four (4) tons from traveling on South Main Street as a through route.
  • 2006 - H 7506 relates to the regulation of earth removal and gravel processing in the Town of Coventry.

BILL OF CONCERN - regarding the Town of Middletown:

  • 2006 - H 7652 would give the Town power to regulate excavations performed within the Town. Permits, Bonds, Costs !!


  • 2006 S 2048 & H 6828 are companion Bills that deal with" disposal of solid waste".
    We have testified and offered amended language that would benefit RIICA members that process wood chips, concrete & asphalt.
  • 2006 S 2505 & H 7699 are companion Bills that would create the RI Cesspool Act of 2006 to phase-out the use of cesspools based on there highest risk to public health & the environment.
  • 2006 H 6848 This Bill would eliminate the annual $42.00 registration fee under the RI Right to Know Act.
  • 2006 H 7728 This Bill would create a legislative commission to study reducing the RI Sales tax gradually to 5%.
  • 2006 H 7190 This Bill proposes to reduce the RI Corporate minimum income tax for employers of 10 employees or less to $100.00 .(This tax was increased to $ 500.00 two years ago.)


  • 2006 H 7762 would add $20.00 to vehicle registration fees allocated for maintenance of local roads & highways. What do you think our road use tax & fuel taxes are for ???
  • 2006 H 71 73 & S 2314 creates the state licensing of carpenters with all of the associated inspectors, boards, categories. We have contractors registration and it works well to protect those registered and the public.
  • 2006 H 6944 would require full-time employees be given two hours PAID leave to vote on a statewide election day. Aren't the polls open till 9pm??
  • 2006 H 7002 would provide for a new agency of state energy office, energy affordability fund & corporation all funded by you and me.


  • 2006 - H 7790 is the diesel engine emission reduction act.
  • 2006 - H 7723 is amending the motor vehide excise tax phase-out.
  • 2006 - H 7503 proposes changes in procedures for disposal of construction wastes.

RIICA Board member Steven Gianlorenzo informs us that there are over 100 Bills introduced this year directed at the Contractors Registration Board ranging from elimination of the Board, increased registration fees, bonding and fund creation for injured parties, just to name a few.


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